v2 Launched

The second version of was launched Sunday afternoon. With it comes a new batch of reported and verified domain thefts and known scammers. For those unfamiliar with the site – is a centralized system for reporting stolen domain names. This can help domain buyers ensure that the domain they are purchasing is not stolen. It also provides a resource for domainers to make others aware of known scammers on message forums to help prevent future theft.

Anyone can report a domain as stolen however this won't guarantee the domain will end-up on the site. Instead all theft reports are verified and only after there is conclusive evidence are they added to the site.

The domaining world has needed a system of checks and balances for some time now and can go a long way towards preventing domain theft. If theives and scam artists know that a domain can't be sold once it is stolen then the motivation for stealing a domain is gone.

The key here is that buyers check before making a purchase. I like to compare this to buying a car. If someone offers you a new BMW for an unbeatable price – do you buy it right-away? Unlikely. You would use a service like CarFax to understand the history of the car and make sure it's not stolen.

This concept has not existed for domain names until now. So let's get vigilant and put an end to the rampant domain scams and theivery taking place online – head on over to before you make your next purchase and make the domaining world a safer place for all of us to do business.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton