Domaining SEO Sunday: The Title Tag

I’ve been talking about the Title Tag a lot lately. It is one of the most important elements in good SEO and yet probably the most overlooked by new developers. Just this week I reviewed several sites sent to me by people who read my book. I was surprised to find that every single one of them needed to fix their title tag!

I can’t go another SEO Sunday without dedicating an entire post to the Title Tag – it really is just that important. Now rather than me rambling on and on about how great the title tag is I thought I’d share five other resources online so you can get a balanced view and see what a big deal a good title is!

All About Title Tags (

Best Practices for Title Tags (

Title Tag SEO Tips (

If you’re just too lazy to read any of these – here’s the three things you should always remember about title tags:

  1. Use the keywords you want to rank well for in your title tag
  2. Avoid going-over 65 characters – Google will find you spammy
  3. Put your company name in the title tag

Now go back through all the sites you’ve build, heck – even your parked sites, and fix your titles! You’ll be surprised by what a big difference something so small can make.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton