Domaining MBA Monday: No Two Domains Are The Same

Domaining MBA Monday

Hello, happy Monday, and welcome to Domaining MBA Monday here on Today I wanted to talk about a concept that is often hard for new investors to grasp, the critical understanding that no two domains are the same. Yes, adding just an “s” to the end or the word “the” at the front can be the difference between a major investment, and well, to be perfectly honest, junk.

I see this confusion happen most frequently when a new Domainer buys a domain similar to a name that recently sold for big bucks. Maybe it’s a killer one-word .COM, it sells for $750,000 and someone goes out and buys the same keyword, but with the word “The” appended to the front or “Online” added to the end. They get excited and start emailing everyone, “I have a domain name that is almost the same as a domain that recently sold for $750,000, I’ll give you a deal at sell it to you for $7,500.”

Sorry but no two domains are the same and while is one of the most valuable domains on the planet, is not, neither is, they are all very different domains with different potential buyers and different values.

If you manage to hand-register a domain strikingly similar to a name that just sold for big bucks take a step back. Are you really buying something valuable? We’re you really so smart that you are able to register a six-figure domain out of thin air? Probably not.

Be realistic and when you see a big sale know that you really can’t buy a name that is “almost” the same as the one that sold because when it comes down to it, no two domains are the same, period. Don’t waste your money and don’t squat on someone else’s brand. Stick to strong generic domains where the value is clear when you hear the domain, not when you hear about some “similar” name that somehow makes your domain more valuable.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton