Domaining MBA Monday Is Moving From My Blog To My Newsletter

Domaining MBA Monday

Hello, happy Monday, and welcome to another Domaining MBA Monday here on Okay, today is actually going to be the very last time you see this post on my blog, that’s right, starting next week this series is moving from my blog to my newsletter. This series has been one of the most popular series I’ve ever written for my blog, but as I see my audience changing over time I also see my blog content changing along with it.

It’s a transition that has been a long time coming but makes a lot of sense given how my readership has changed over the last few years. started as a journal for me to keep track of my adventures in Domain Investing. A few years ago I was excited to find that my domain business was making more money than my day job (Sonos). While there are some people who dream of Domaining full time, I had always dreamed of running a domain business that didn’t require me to work in the business every day.

Last year I left my job at Sonos and my full-time role at Linton Investments to co-found Fashion Metric. As I’ve said many times before, while I do truly love domain investing, my true passion is startups and creating something truly disruptive that changes the way people live their lives. We are doing just that and now my days, nights, and weekends are spent in the startup world, not the domain world.

Of course, that’s what Domaining MBA Monday has been all about – running a domain business. Now, however, when I look at where my blog traffic is coming from, and I look at who my visitor is, I’m seeing a shift, a tipping of the scale, and am now finding more startup founders and VC’s reading my blog than Domainers. There aren’t any less Domainers reading, there are just more people from the startup world reading now than ever before.

So I’ve decided to take the plunge and move this series onto my newsletter which has, since its inception, been entirely focused on domain investing and is going to stay that way. On my blog you can still expect to find plenty of articles about Domaining, but you’ll also see more articles about startups, venture capital, growth hacking, conversion optimization, and all the other elements of my own daily life.

As many of you know, my domain business is growing like crazy and we recently hired two new people here in Los Angeles. However, as I had always hoped, it’s growing through the addition of great people to the team, not through me spending more time in the business. It is a business, not a job for myself, I never wanted to be a self-employed domain investor, I wanted to run a domain business.

Since this blog is called it really only makes sense that it reflects my life. When I started this blog in October of 2007 I was just starting to put more focus on domain investing, by 2010 Domaining had become a major focus for me, now, in 2013 as many of you have seen, my focus has changed. Don’t worry though, like I said above, there will still be plenty of domain-related content on my blog, but you will start to see more and more of this focus on the intersection of domains and startups and less about life in the domain world.

This also means that I am increasing my newsletter from once a month to once a week, a 4x increase which means more domain investing content for newsletter subscribers than ever before. Thanks to all of my readers who have made Domaining MBA what it is today, I can tell you it is only going to get better and you can expect to find it in your inbox every Monday starting next week.

In 2007 you joined me for my adventures in domain investing and over the last six-years an incredible business has been built. Now, as that business continues to charge full steam ahead with great people making it happen I am excited to share the next phase in my life and my adventures in the startup world. As always thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing Domaining MBA Monday with you every week in my newsletter.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton