Domaining, Affiliate Marketing, New gTLDs and Everything In Between

I am writing this post on my iPad so I’ll be keeping this short and sweet. There has been a lot of talk about new gTLDs and a couple of weeks ago I vowed to stay-out of the action. For the most part I have and this post isn’t going to be much about new gTLDs themselves, but instead what they represent for us as an industry.

This week I was the guest speaker at the Los Angeles Affiliate Summit MeetUp group. The title of my talk was Domain Names, Branding, and everything in between. A lot of the preseentation covered the incredible intersection I see between Domaining and Affiliate Marketing. Right now many Domainers are doing more affiliate marketing than Domaining as there has been a huge shift to development over the last year.

What many Domainers might not realize is that conferences like Affiliate Summit may have more to do with where their focus is than Domaining conferences. Now, thanks to new gTLDs there is also more buzz about domain names in the affiliate space which means that we’re all getting much closer.

So where am I going with all of this? Well we all know the Domaining world is going to change with the introduction of new gTLDs. You can speculate all you want about which will take-off and which will be duds…either way I see this as an event that will put more focus on the Domaining world than ever before. Affiliate marketers are seeing more and more value in the domain space and as more Domainers opt for development, the intersection between this two spaces is growing, and fast. I see a very near future where Affiliate Conferences have a panel or two about Domains and the two industries come together as one as the general public rushes to become a part of the next Internet goldrush (of course it’s only a Goldrush for a select few).

The opportunity to grow our tiny industry has never been better and I think we’ll find that together with our Affiliate Marketing brothers (and sisters) we can accomplish a lot. I guess the main point I’m trying to make here is that Domainers and Affiliate Marketers have more in common than ever before and new gTLDs are only going to make that connection stronger

So if you’re a Domainer who has been focusing on development, get to an Affiliate Summit or Affiliate MeetUp group, start networking now. Our tiny universe is about to get bigger however you might soon find that it was already bigger than you thought, you just have to look at things a bit differently than you did before.

Of course that’s just what I think. What do you think? Will Domainers and Affiliate Marketers grow together with new gTLDs? Do you see our world getting closer together? As always comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton