DOMAINfest Santa Monica 2011 – Day One Preview!

DOMAINfest 2011 is now officially open. Yes it’s 7:00AM on the dot and registration is now open at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica. I thought it would be fun to review the agenda for Day One and share my thoughts and excitement with all of you. If you’re attending the conference this will help get you in the zone and if you’re not here you’ll get to hear what you’re missing 🙂

Breakfast at a Domaining conference is one of the best ways to catch-up with your friends in the industry before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. The food at DOMAINfest is outstanding so you’ll enjoy a great breakfast in a room full of like-minded people who all want to talk Domainers – sounds fun doesn’t it!

Workshop: Domain Monetization Basics from Parking to CPL to CPA
Hey – I’m a monetization nut so obviously you’ll find me at this seminar. With so many Domainers moving from Parking to Development I think this will be a jam-packed session and those in attendance will walk-away with a good understanding of their options. On top of that it’s moderated by Frank Schilling so you really can’t miss this one!

Presentation: Internet Vital Signs
Eli Goodman from Comscore will be reviewing all the great data they have about web users. If you want to really stay on top of what’s going on Eli’s presentation is going to give you a very unique look at some powerful data. Both the geek and businessperson in me want to attend this session.

Presentation: State of the Industry: 2011 and Beyond
Jeff Kupietzky, the CEO and President of Oversee is incredible speaker and really inspired me last year at DOMAINfest. Jeff has the ability to pull you away from your day-to-day tactical thinking and take a look at the big picture. I can’t wait to hear how Jeff thinks the trends of 2011 will impact Domainers.

Keynote Presentation: Luck & Perspective
Holy $#%& I’m going to see Bob Parson’s speak!!! This is something I’ve been looking forward to since the day it was announced. Bob is an incredible public speaker and this really is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities. I look forward to sharing my insights about the presentation and a few picts of Bob in the moment!

Moniker Low & No Reserve Live Domain Name Auction
The first auction of DOMAINfest 2011! There are some real gems in this auction, below are some of my top picks:

I’ll do my best to live blog or at least live Facebook update from the auction. This DOMAINfest I’ll be using Facebook a lot from my iPhone so make sure we’re friends and definitely click the “Like” button at the upper right of my blog to stay on top of everything that’s going on at the show.

Polynesian Paradise Party
The day ends with a Polynesian-themed party hosted by .co at the Fairmont’s Pool Terrance – a great end to an action-packed day at DOMAINfest Santa Monica 2011!

Of course there’s plenty going on at night but for those who know me you know that what happens at night stays out of my blog! However there is a chance every now and then that I’m tagged in a photo so you might catch a glimpse of some awesome Domainer parties. The nightlife at DOMAINfest is top notch and Wednesday we’ll be heading to Sky Bar in Hollywood followed by the famous Playboy Mansion Party on Thursday night. DOMAINfest Santa Monica 2011 Here I Come!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton