DOMAINfest 2012 Day Three – Live Auction

2011 was plagued with some fairly disappointing auctions so I was pretty excited to see how we kicked-off 2012. There were some absolutely phenomenal names in the auction but as we’ve seen in the past, the key is pricing. Also, plenty of the highest-value sales happen after the auction so it will be interesting to see what moves over the coming weeks.

DOMAINfest 2012 Auction

DNN did a great job as usual of live blogging the auction so you can see all the results of the auction on there. I’ll be highlighting some of the top sales and hopefully providing some entertaining pictures so you can feel like you’re getting one step closer to the action! sold for $135,000 after it started with an $100,000 initial bid. In my opinion this is a stellar price for this domain and I’ll definitely be paying attention to what the buyer does with this gem.

Domain Auction caused quite a bidding frenzy moving from $5,000 up to its final selling price of $26,000. This is a great name to monopolize on the upcoming trend of processing payments using SmartPhones and I’ll be very interested to see what happens with this name.

Domain Auction List

Next up was which fetched $42,000 but fell below the reserve however given that their reserve was between 25K-50K there’s a good chance this name will sell after the auction.

After was able to get up to $125,000 however fell below it’s reserve which is somewhere north of 125K but below 250K. My guess is that this name was priced in the 200-250K range so it may be a stretch here but there’s definitely interest. sold for $89,000, a good deal in my opinion for a two-character .COM which I always think of existing only in the six-figure range. Sale took the cake selling for $325,000. QR codes are in, but the question is for how long and what could a website on this domain do to make money? While I agree this is a great name, I still can’t quite see how this would be monetized, but like many of the names selling, I’ll be watching!

Okay, that’s all for me folks, time to head home and get ready for the big bash tonight at The House Of Blues! As you know I don’t blog parties so you’ll have to just assume that we’re all having a blast!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton