Domainers Converge in Montreal Next Week

Next week Domainers will converge in Montreal for the Domain Convergence Conference, Canada’s one and only Domain Conference. This will be the third time the event has been held and after taking a look at the schedule I can tell you this will be a great event! One of my favorite features of this conference is the “Domaining 101” session that kicks-off day one. I think this is a great idea and will ensure that everyone who is attending a domain conference for the first time can get up to speed quickly. Let’s face it – there are more and more people that are finding-out about our industry every single day, by holding a session like this we can really help them feel more at home and become a part of this great community.


The next session also peaked my interest which is titled, “Freemium as a Monetization Model” which is then followed by the keynote which will be delivered by Nicolai Bezsonoff,the COO of .CO. Day two starts with a session about Social Media for Domainers which is definitely a very important topic given the recent updates over in Google-land. I’ve said it time and time again but the future of SEO is deeply ingrained in Social Media so Domainers that are developing-out their names need to really understand Social Media.

Along with great sessions the event has a Gala Dinner on the first night and an event+dinner on the second night so Domainers will have plenty of time to network and share ideas. Below are a couple of pictures from the event back in 2009:


I was really hoping to attend the event this year but unfortunately my crazy travel schedule has made it impossible. I would highly recommend this conference and suggest that if you can make it, you absolutely should attend. With great sessions and networking events you will definitely be glad you went! The conference runs from May 12th-13th and takes place in one of my favorite cities in the world, Montreal!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton