Launches New Platform At TRAFFIC Vancouver! has released a brand-new platform. I had a chance to sit-down with Dan Warner, the CEO of Domain Advertising to better understand the new solution.

Dan is a very passionate and inspired guy – if you don’t know much about him make sure to read the great article Ron Jackson did about him on DNJournal – Dan Warner’s Wild Ride: He’s Been Up and Down and Over and Out But Know One Thing – He’s Still in the Race (and He Plans to Win)

After spending about twenty minutes last night talking with Dan about the new platform I was so amazed that I thought – I have to share this with my blog readers!

I’m a big fan of doing things differently, taking a risk and trying something new. Dan is taking a major shift-away from the traditional text-laden parking page and has decided to instead focus on images.

Now you tell me – does that look anything like a parking page?

I think this is a BIG idea – let’s face it – people are visual and clicking on an image really makes a lot of sense to me. has created a HUGE catalog of images that are each tagged to a specific category.

All you have to do is give them your domains and all the setup and optimizations are done for you.

I just signed-up for an account today and I will be submitting about twenty names to start and test. Of course as always I’ll share the results with all of you. I have a good feeling about this – it’s a completely different approach to parking – and let’s face it – it’s those that dare to be different that stand to see the greatest success.

You can sign-up right now at

This is NOT a sponsored post – I actually think this is so darn cool I just couldn’t keep it to myself 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton