Domain Sales now Available on Domain Flipping Social Network

Today – after many requests – I have added a Domain Names for Sale section onto the Domain Flipping social network ( Now, rather than just letting anyone post their domains for sale we have decided to follow a rigorous approval process for deciding which domains will be listed for sale. Below is the basic criteria that will be used to determine if a domain will be listed for sale:

– # Google search results for your keywords in quotes

– Existing website and traffic to your domain

– Alexa rank

– Google PageRank

– Quality of website on domain

– Age of domain name

– Keyword popularity

Members will be allowed to post one domain for sale each month allowing for quality over quantity. I think this will be a great way for professional domainers investors to find high-quality domains without having to spend the time sifting through thousands of listings hoping to find their "hidden gem."

While it will take some work on our part (we plan to spend a good amount of time analyzing each domain submission) I think the service to both buyer and seller will be phenomenal. There will be no cost to list domains for sale and no commission charged at any point in time.

If you haven't already signed-up don't forget to go to and create your free account.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton