Domain Development Drops Series Moving To A New Format

I started a new series on my blog focused on finding domains that are expiring that make great development candidates. I really like sharing domains that I think could become real long-term assets generate passive monthly income. This has turned-into one of my most-read series I’ve ever written…however, typically it takes me hours to find even a few names so I’ve found that doing this as a weekly post just isn’t realistic.

Finding domains that are good development candidates is very hard work since it takes the right kind of domain to really get the most bang for your buck. So I’ve decided to move this series to my monthly newsletter. Thanks to everyone who has supported this series and I look forward to bringing this to you every month direct to your inbox!

Finding good expired domains for development takes a lot of time and some weeks you might not find anything that is a good fit. It takes a lot of patience and due diligence to make sure you are making a good investment so don’t rush it, the right domains are out there, but you won’t find perfect development candidates every day like you do with domains that make good flip candidates.

If you want to know what I look for in a an domain that would be a good fit for development, you can look below. As for tools that I use, Protrada is at the top of my list – this tool has honestly saved me countless hours every single week. That being said, f

  • I like names with medium search volume, a good CPC, and in a market where there are half a dozen affiliate programs I can think of using right-away.
  • If you want to get down to the numbers themselves I typically look for keywords with no less than 1,000 exact-match global searches and less than 10,000. Why limit it to 10,000? Typically terms with this much volume are a lot more work to rank well for so I go for the low hanging fruit in most cases.
  • A good CPC to me really means anything above $0.50. I just want to see that advertisers see some kind of monetary value in people who search for this term.
  • There is no one set of qualities for the perfect domain for development. Also I don’t follow the rules above every time I buy an expired domain and you shouldn’t either. Sometimes I do buy names with a very high search volume in the hundreds of thousands and with a CPC of only $0.23. That being said, a vast majority of the expired domains that I buy for development do meet the criteria I outlined above.

Bam! Now you know what I’m generally looking for in an expired domain name. If you want to know what I do once I buy a domain for development make sure to read – Domain Development 101. If you’re so darn excited after reading that article that you want to dive right in and build your first site, make sure to read – WordPress 101.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton