Domain Developers Rejoice – DevName Is Here!

There’s a new domain development platform in town from the makers of popular Domain Investing Platform Protrada. It is aptly called DevName and it is already making waves in the Domaining world.


DevName has taken a unique approach to platform-based development by allowing domain owners to use their own revenue feeds thus keeping 100% of the revenue. The system is also fully integrated with TextBroker so you can easily build content-rich sites without having to manage a team of writers.

The sites themselves look pretty stunning and definitely look nothing like a parked page and there are tons of ways to customize the look-and-feel to really make it your own.

Of course talking about it is one thing, seeing it in action and putting it to the test is another, and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. Just like I’m testing-out Epik I will also be testing out DevName and giving you the full scoop. So stay-tuned, this is just the beginning and there’s a lot more to come.

Congratulations to Winged Media on another great addition to the Domaining space, I look forward to pushing the system to its limits and getting some sites ranked and making money! Protrada users can access DevName directly from Protrada making this platform more extensive than ever before, so stop reading this and start developing!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton