Does anyone care about .FM?

As many of you know – I’m a big fan of ccTLD’s and in general like to consider myself TLD-agnostic. I started investing in ccTLD domains about three years ago and am proud to say that over 50% of my current portfolio consists of ccTLD’s. One of the best bets I made was on .us – as I saw early-on some great SEO potential in these domains. Now my .us domains are a large component of my monthly domain income.

I also bought-into early-on and continue to build-up my Indian domain portfolio. As India continues to grow as a major economic force in the global economy I think these domains will be *very* valuable. With an entire conference dedicated to ccTLD’s I strongly believe we are at a point in time where everyone can get-in early!

Three years ago everyone was complaining that there were no more good domains left. I ignored this rhetoric and built-up my portfolio without focusing on .com’s, now I have a portfolio of revenue-producing domains and use that revenue to continually grow my portfolio. Even though three years have passed I still think there is an incredible opportunity in the market.

So what am I looking at next? .FM! Call me crazy – no really, feel free to write in a comment to this post and call me crazy!

Here are some examples of major .FM brands:

So I’ve officially gone FM – I’m not ready to announce my acquisitions quite yet but I will tell you that I am targeting specific domains and not going on any random buying spree. In the end I plan to own about ten .FM domains in total.

I’ll dispell the compaint about price right-away because I am sick of hearing this – you can register these for $56 by using a coupon code with GoDaddy. On each domain I am going to launch a premium brand and grow it over the course of the next 1-2 years. I plan to make at least 10x on my initial investment on each (and most likely more) so, yes, I am willing to pay the premium to make money in the long run, I’ve always been willing to do this and anyone that owns their own business knows that it takes money to make money.

So let me hear what you think? Are you afraid of .FM or ready to take the plunge? Think I’m making an investment or being foolish? I am always wearing my Investor hat here and as any investor knows – you have to take some risks to make big returns. I am making what I consider to be small, calculated risks. I know many stock investors that put tens of thousands of dollars in stocks they think might hit it big – I, on the other hand, know I can make money with these and I’ll bet you can too!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton