Do you look forward to Monday?

If there is one thing that I remember about my Uncle Irv it was his incredible passion for his work. Irv was an entrepreneur, he started companies, stuck with them, and I’m pretty sure saw just about every single one of them hit it out of the park. One of his sayings that took me a while to understand was, TGIM, which means – “Thanks Goodness It’s Monday!”

One day I asked him about this saying and he told me, “Morgan, you know you’re doing something you truly love when you look forward to Monday” and I can tell you, he was right.

I’ll be honest, I get incredibly excited about Monday, and when Monday is a holiday, I’m honestly disappointed. What surprises me is how many people think that’s crazy. For the record I’ll say, and you can quote me,

“life is too short to spend time doing something you hate”

Seriously. Yes, you want health insurance, a house, maybe even a nice car (or two if you live in LA!) and I think you can have that and still love what you do each week. When I was working at Sonos, for a vast majority of the time I really looked forward to Monday. Then something changed and I didn’t feel that way, that’s when I knew it was time for a change, I still believed in the company, but I knew I could do more, do something more satisfying for me.

You can outgrow a job, admit it, and then find your next opportunity. What you can’t do is turn back time, and time is your most valuable investment. So if you’re spending Sunday night dreading Monday, it’s time for a change, not in a year, not in six months – now. Make it happen and find something that doesn’t feel like work, I’ve found that and can tell you from where I’m sitting, I wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything in the world.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton