Do You Know SEO?

When I entered the Domain Investing world back in 2007 I came-into the space with a strong SEO and Development background. I saw a majority of the industry parking at the time and thought…this makes no sense – why wouldn’t you use some content and good SEO to really make some money?

I started developing my domains back then and two years later I over 120 sites developed. With a portfolio of over 600 domains I still have a ways to go but I can say that I am absolutely blown-away by the results over the past two years and I have a few simple SEO techniques to thank for it! Of course what Domainers have realized that many web developers miss is the importance of having an exact-match domain for SEO. In fact this is so important that I think Domain Investors in general have a phenomenal edge in the SEO game that affiliate marketers are starting to use more and more creating some nice convergence between our two worlds.

During our first Southern California Domainer MeetUp I discussed a lot of the techniques I’m using to get my domains/sites ranking well and generating revenue (you can see some of my sites on my company’s site). I think that many Domainers started with parking and are now looking to development as domain sales have become more challenging. As this trend continues, learning SEO will become a bigger component in the Domain Investor’s toolkit.

So now back to the title of the post – do you know SEO? If not – don’t worry – I’ve got a couple resources below that can help you get started right-away. The most important thing to remember is to start small. Try putting a one-page site on a few of your best domains and give them some time. Use only fresh content that appears nowhere else but on your site – either write it yourself or get a skilled writer to do it. Don’t waste your time with content spinners or copied text…good, original content can go a LONG way!

Here are the only two resources you’ll need to become an SEO-Badass – I never swear in my posts but thought this might be appropriate 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Make it your New Year’s resolution to learn SEO and start generating some revenue from your domains. Just because you can’t sell a domain doesn’t mean it can’t make money for your business!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton