Did you cut the cord? If so, what do you use now?


Cutting the cord and watching all your tv and movies online used to be “cool” now it’s more normal than anything else. I personally have gone through a somewhat strange oscillation.

I cut the cord years ago, and then about a year ago, I re-attached it for a somewhat silly reason but one that made sense at the time. I was getting into Golf and I learned that there actually is no way to stream the Golf channel. That, and wanting to DVR basketball games made me re-attach the dreaded cord and welcome Time Warner Cable back into my life. Yes – I tried NBA TV but I had a lot of issues with games not being available based on my region so I missed quite a few games I really wanted to watch.

I personally can’t stand the interface on the Time Warner Cable boxes so I opted for a Tivo Bolt which I have to say is a pretty kick ass device. What I like about the bolt is that I can watch and record live TV and watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and all my other streaming services all through one device.

Now I’m at the point where I find I pretty much just work every waking minute so I’m not watching golf and the basketball season is nearing the end and I’m thinking of cutting the cord again. I have an Apple TV, A Roku, and an Amazon Fire stick so I’m ready to rock, but I also know there might be some other great options out there I’m not thinking of.

So my question to you is, if you cut the cord, what do you use now to watch TV and movies and why?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton