Did Apple Know About The Antenna Issue Before Launch? Bloomberg thinks so!

As you know I’m a die-hard Apple fan. I was a fan in the 90’s and even when they were declining I knew they had the potential to do something great. Well, they did more than one thing great since the 90’s – they did just about everything better than everyone! I have a Mac Desktop, a Mac Laptop, Apple TV, four iPods, an iPhone and I’m going to get an iPad once they come out with the second rev.

I was really excited about the iPhone 4 until I started hearing all the negative comments about call quality. While Apple has ducked and weaved around the problem and blamed it on a software bug…I think it’s something more. The Wall Street Journal just came-out with an article today that claims Steve Jobs was warned about the antennae issue long before release of the phone however Apple denies this to be true.

So as usual I’ll wait until v2 of the iPhone 4. As an Apple customer for almost 20 years I’ve learned to stay-away from first-gen Apple hardware. It’s always better in the second rev, problems are fixed along with more memory/features added.

If you have an iPhone and have just updated to OS4 you’ll find that you’ll need to do another update that apparently fixes the signal meter to show the actual signal. Out of all the amazing things the iPhone does it baffles me that they couldn’t get the software that reads the signal right…which is why I think might be Apple’s last attempt to duck the antennae issue.

Tomorrow Apple will hold a news conference about the iPhone 4. I’m placing my bets on a recall, as an engineer this doesn’t smell like a software problem to me, this is hardware. We’ll know tomorrow but I think my crystal ball is right on this one…although it has been wrong before 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton