David Beckham on Domainvestors.tv

David Beckham is featured on Domainvestors.tv today live from Los Angeles. Now is your chance to see David Beckham on Domainvestors.tv! Okay – so do I have your attention? Celebrities draw an incredible amount of attention to themselves whether they like it or not. While I live in LA where about 99% of celebrities live I still have a very hard time recognizing most celebs. Today when I landed at LAX coming back from Mexico City I noticed someone in the customs line who was generating a lot of attention.

People were taking pictures and pointing causing the customs agents to make an announcement “No photographs in the customs area!” I looked at who was causing the commotion and saw someone I did not recognize at all. When I got outside of the terminal the paparazzi were in full force. “Who are you waiting for?” I asked, “David Beckham” an overweight poorly-dress paparazzi said gripping his giant camera.

While I don’t have much of a fascination with celebrities it seems that most people do. I was actually more fascinated with the paparazzi so started filming them standing around, and then – BOOM – they took-off like a stampede towards a group of police officers escorting David Beckham to his car.

What I noticed is for that minute and a half you could feel the energy – for the paparazzi this was possibly the most important minute of their day. Now many people can’t stand the paparazzi, and most likely with good reason, but at the same time it is their job.

Either way a light went-off in my head today. People are crazy about celebrities – they want to know everything that they do. Something as small as walking to your car at the airport can quickly become a media frenzy. So here’s the idea – we need a celebrity who is interested in Domain Investing. I want to see paparazzi photographing Brad Pitt at the next TRAFFIC conference! Okay – this is too ambitious – but if this were to ever happen it would put Domaining on the map almost instantly.

Let’s face it – to appeal to a wide audience we need to go where that audience goes – and I can’t think of anything followed in greater detail than celebrities. So the gears are turning and the first episode of Domainvestors Television is just around the corner…get ready folks – time to expose the whole world to Domaining!

Ready to see my video of paparazzi mobbing David Beckham – watch below and you’ll see the first video of David Beckham on Domainvestors.tv:

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton