Cyber Monday Deals For Domainer-Developers

Cyber Monday can be a bit overwhelming with so many deals happening at once. I usually take this time of the year to renew most of my major monthly accounts so I can lock-in major discounts. At the same time I stock-up on things I usually buy so I can get them at a much lower cost. This puts me in a great place for 2011 since I once again avoid annoying monthly service fees and am ready to go for all of my upcoming projects.

This year there were a few deals that I’ve taken advantage of so I thought I’d share them with you. These are affiliate links so if you don’t like me or my advice you can totally exclude me from the equation by just going directly to the site. That being said don’t be a meanie – it’s the holidays and I’m helping you save money!

Woo Themes

This is the main theme provider I use for all of my WordPress sites that I build-out excluding this blog. I have purchased over twenty themes through Woo Themes and bought another five today so I could take advantage of their Cyber Monday deals. Right now Woo Themes is offering 20% off or 5-1, I went for the 5-1 since this is just too good of a deal to pass-up. If you browse through their themes you’ll see that they can give your site a stellar look-and-feel, that’s why I’ve used Woo Themes on sites like,, and many more.

So if you want to get some great themes for development projects next year don’t miss-out, the Cyber Monday deal is only good until midnight! Click Here to see Woo Themes Cyber Monday Deals


I talked about HostGator’s great Black Friday deals last week and they’re at it again today. With only about five hours left to go you can get 50%-off just about everything Hostgator has to offer. I locked-in on Friday for three years at an incredible rate and today you can too. I’ve used Hostgator for years to host my sites and blogs, they are reliable, easy to use, and with this deal practically free. So if you don’t want to worry about paying a hosting fee for three years now is the time to lock-in and set your business up! Click Here To See Hostgator’s Cyber Monday Deals


As usual Amazon is having some great Cyber Monday deals. I usually pick-up a few Christmas presents on Cyber Monday both for other people and my business. Today I treated myself to a new monitor for my business and saved a fortune. Now it’s shipping for free directly to my door. For those who know me, I hate lines which is why Black Friday just doesn’t work for me…but Cyber Monday I can deal with and Amazon has some really good deals going today! Click Here To See Amazon’s Black Friday Deals

Of course there are plenty of other companies running great Cyber Monday Deals. Make sure to check-out Dell and Apple, they are running some good deals today. The three above are all offers that I personally have taken advantage of (HostGator on Black Friday, Amazon and Woo Themes today) and as someone who loves a good deal I can say I’ve had a great Cyber Monday and locked-in years of savings…have you?

Feel free to comment and share some of the Cyber Monday Deals you’ve cashed in on!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton