I write a post a day, and I’ve been going strong since 2007, so…that’s a lot of posts to sort through. Below are some of my most popular posts organized by topic. Read all of these and you’ll have the fundamentals of Domaining under your belt.

domain business

Find A Repeatable Model First

Expired Domains

Make Sure You’re Getting Advice From The Right People

Be Very Careful Hiring On oDesk

Assets vs. Liabilities

Keep Track Of Where Your Domains Are Listed For Sale

Selling Domains To End-Users, Part One

Selling Domains To End-Users, Part Two

Selling Domains To End-Users, Part Three

3 Ways To Avoid Buying Junk Domains

3 Signs You’re Getting Off-Track

Think Of Each Domain As An Experiment

3 Lessons I Learned About Buying Domains This Year

End Of The Year Domaining Tips

domain flipping

Domain Flipping Tips – History Tends To Repeat Itself

Common Domain Flipping Myths

My Latest Flip – From $3,500 to $17,500

My Latest Domain Flip: How I Turned $60 Into $3,177 And Why Afternic Rocks!

Two Weeks, Two Flips – How I Turned $1,000 into $10,000

From $69 to $13,000 – Mike Mann Hits Another Home Run Domain Flip

general domain investing

Selling Domains – Mixing Cash and Equity

Go Where The Liquidity Is – One and Two Word .COMs

Domain Investors vs. CyberSquatters

Where I Buy Most Of My Domains

A Simple Way To Filter Your Domain Portfolio

How To Identify Domain Tire-Kickers

The 25 Oldest Domains, Starting With in 1985

6 Domains Registered in 1985, 60 in 1986 – The History Of Domains

3 Ways To Increase Inbound Offers On Your Domains