.CO Domains I Bought Today

.CO general availability began today and within 30 minutes already 100,000 domains had been registered. Over 195,000 names have been registered as of the writing of this post! Both the Domaining Blogosphere and Twitterverse are buzzing with all things .co – here are a few highlights from today:

DNJournal.CO Gets Off to a Fast Start – O.CO Sells for $350,000 and Total Registrations Pass the 100,000 Mark Within 30 Minutes of Launch

The Domains195,000 .Co Registrations

Domain ShaneI Think It’s Safe To Say the Start of the .Co Registry Has Been a Success. Did you Get Any Domains?

So of course I thought I’d share in the excitement by letting all of you know what I bought today. As you know I’m a pretty methodical domain buyer and oftentimes I take a great deal of time before pulling the trigger on a name. However, if the data is there I can’t help myself and I think I was able to pick-up a few gems today:


I’ve been a BMW fan since before I could drive and love my current car. I’ve always wanted to make a community site for BMW users and this would be the perfect domain to do it on. I don’t think BMW has any trademarks on the term “Bimmer” since it is more of an accepted slang term for the brand.CreditCardConsolidation.co, CreditCardDebtConsolidation.co, ConsolidateDebts.co
You know I LOVE credit/debt names – they are great for lead gen and hot year-round.CreditCardConsolidation.co is really a dream domain of mine – 22,000 global monthly searches, 18,100 local (exact-match) and a CPC of  $21.44, I’m drooling as I’m writing this 🙂


I’m a big HD Video nut as you all know so owning this category-defining domain was something I thought would be out of reach…but it looks like I got it! 40,500 global monthly searches (exact-match) and a category I’m passionate about!


Tube sites are the next big thing in the adult world. While I don’t own any adult names myself I see a HUGE growing search trend in this area.


With all the buzz around ChatRoulette I had to check this one out and was surprised to find it available. Once again, I’m not big into the xxx domains but I thought this one could have some long-term value to it.

That’s it! Those are my buys for today and none of them are for sale. I’ll be developing each of these over the next few months and doing some initial testing and playing around with SEO, etc. It really is true that anything is possible in the .CO era – these are all domains I would LOVE to own in .com but can’t afford, now with .co I’m looking forward to turning each one of these domains into an active online brand.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the .CO launch. Did you buy any .CO domains today?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton