.CLUB Has Done It Again

There’s a reason that you see .CLUB in the news all the time, it’s because they have one of the hardest working teams on the planet, and a great new gTLD to go with it. Now .CLUB has announced that they have exceeded the number of .MOBI registrations (making .CLUB the 9th most-registered TLD) in under two years.


One of the reasons why I like .CLUB so much is because so many of the domains are used for real businesses. I have recently been interested in upgrading my shaving experience and, boom, Shaving.club and I also had some amazing coffee from Coffee.club this morning. Oh and some day I’d like to join the FerrariOwner.club, but I’m not quite there yet!

Huge congrats to Colin, Jeff and the whole team over at .CLUB, another major milestone and many more to come!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton