.CLUB Defines The Successful New gTLD Formula

As I’ve said many times before, I think .CLUB is one of the stand-out new domain names extensions to hit the market and with a year behind them I can move the “think” into the “know” category. There are more new domain extensions out there than any of us can name, but if there are five we can remember, .CLUB is without a doubt on that list.


It’s not a fluke, and it’s also not because “club” is such an awesome keyword even though it is. Instead it’s the people behind .CLUB and the strategy that they have taken that have made it successful. So I wanted to take a minute to review the last year of .CLUB and some of the things they have done to make it one of the top new domain extensions.


1. The founders – This is not Colin and Jeff’s first rodeo, these are veterans with an incredible amount of expertise but beyond that an incredible amount of hustle. Go to any tradeshow and it’s not just .CLUB salespeople, the founders are there, and not just there but working the booth and doing everything under the sun to get the word out. They also know how to inspire big names like 50 Cent to rally behind the brand.

2. The companies – Selling domain names is one thing, getting people to build and brand their companies on a new domain extension is the another and .CLUB has broken just about every record when it comes to developed websites.

3. Registrar support – this is really tied to great founders but is still incredibly important to mention. Every registrar knows and loves Jeff and Colin and together they have forged great partnerships. This support means that people all over the world get equal access to .CLUB domains.

While I’m not the first to say it, let me say it again, congrats to the whole team over at .CLUB for an amazing first year and what I think everyone will agree will become the blueprint for success in the new gTLD market. As someone who knows Colin and Jeff personally I can tell you they are two of the hardest-working, most inspiring people on the planet and I couldn’t be more excited for years 2, 3, 10 and 20. This is only the beginning and .CLUB is off to one heck of a start!

(Image Source – DNJournal)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton