ccTLD Sales Go Mostly Under The Radar

The Domaining world is .COM-centric – and with good reason, .COM is the undisputed king. However sometimes I think some great ccTLD sales can get overshadowed hiding the opportunity that could exist in some already proven ccTLD markets. While I buy most of my domains specifically for development it’s nice to see some of my favorite TLDs having a strong sales performance history.

Now let me be clear here – there are definitely more, higher-value .COM sales happening – this is where the money is when it comes to buying and selling domains. However, this shouldn’t turn investors away from ccTLDs because based on the sales that are happening every week, there is money to be made. Here are a few examples of ccTLD sales that happened this year that you might not have heard about. Yes – these are all five-figure sales that I’m highlighting – but making a few of these a year can really add a lot to your business!

Did you know that sold for $60,000 on Sedo?

Did you know that sold for $25,155 in a private sale?

Did you know that sold for $10,668 on BliXem Internet?

(View Domain Sales at DNJournal)

Sure, this is nothing like selling a domain for $500,000 but the .pl and .nl marketplace is still quite open – what’s to stop you from finding a buyer? Notice that both of these words are also US words. When you look at .DE sales, which is another very hot sales market, you’ll also find a lot of English domains.

What I’m trying to say in this post is that there is a market everywhere – it just depends where you are looking. We seem to focus so much on .COM that sometimes we can forget some of the great progress that is being made in the ccTLD space. As someone who is focused on development and monetization these sales help confirm that the properties I’m building are adding to the value of an already appreciating asset!

I just sold my first .in names last month, it was a domain I bought in the low $xx range and sold in the $xxx range making about 10x my initial investment in a little over a month. It’s not a big sale but for me just testing the waters with .in it does really enforce my vision in the long-term value of this TLD. We all know that this is still the beginning of Domaining, the opportunities that are available to us now might never be again. Yes it’s speculating, but if you are developing your domains and generating income then you are making a wise investment either way.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton