Casting Call – You Could Be On Domainvestors Television!

That’s right – we’re doing a Domainers casting call! Domainvestors television is looking for Domainers of all skill levels to record short 1-2 minute videos about how they got-into Domaining. You are welcome to post these directly onto YouTube or you can send us the video file directly – we’re not picky!

So what’s the idea here? Remember, the goal of this show is to expose the whole world to Domaining. How better to inspire future Domainers than to share your own experiences!


Filming for the show will start in the November/December time-frame with the expected release of the first episode sometime in January – or at least that’s the goal. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a great consultant working with me on the show with incredible industry experience on major network televisions shows. Since I’ve obviously never done a television show before this has made a big difference!

This weekend I hired a Producer here in Los Angeles and I’ll be announcing some more details about him soon as well!

So turn-on your video camera and tell the whole world what inspired you about Domaining because this industry is going to get a lot bigger and you all are the pioneers!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton