By Popular Request: The Flip of the Month

I’ve had an overwhelming number of requests for me to post some of my flipped domains for sale through my blog. So I’ve decided to post one flipped domain a month from now on. Each month, along with the domains I flip to make money with myself, I will offer one flip months earlier than usual for sale. So, for our first flip we have:

I recently purchased this name as I knew that it had incredible flip potential. I used WordTracker to pick the most relevant keywords for all of the text on the site. All of the content is hand-written and the site features a variety of top-keyword categories.

Along with Google Adsense the site also offers products for sale to generate even more revenue than clicks alone. Already the domain is getting some small search engine traffic – just two weeks after development! I usually wait for 6-8 months for the domain to mature but think I owe it to some of my dedicated readers to offer this one early-on.

This domain will be available for sale exclusively to readers of my blog. Just email to make this domain your own.

P.S. I’m starting work on the flip for May right now. Thanks to my readers for all of the emails and I hope you enjoy this new feature of the blog!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton