Breaking: Verisign CEO Predicts New gTLDs Will Impact .NET

Online publication Datamation just published an article about the new gTLDs and they paint a picture of confusion that seems to be spurred by Verisign. The CFO of Verisign was quoted as saying:

“There is quite a bit of confusion in the marketplace, and I think it’s having some effects on the industry as a total as a whole,” Kilguss said.” (Source – Datamation)

Of course the new gTLDs are a major threat to Verisign which as been the king of the hill for a long time thanks to .COM and .NET. James Bidzos, the CEO of Verisign also commented on the impact new gTLDs could have on .NET:

“While .net is also a trusted brand, he cautioned that it is likely to be impacted by the new gTLDs and potentially confusion issues.” (Source – Datamation)

I personally don’t think there has been much confusion, to be honest I think it will take years until the general public really catches onto what is going on. What I do think we are starting to see is people getting comfortable with something different to the right of the dot and that is without a doubt making a lot of people very uncomfortable.

What do you think? Is the general public really in a state of confusion or do people even know what’s happening yet?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton