Breaking: Expired! Currently In Auction At Go Daddy

Yes, you read it right, the first lady’s exact-match .COM expired and has been sent to auction at Go Daddy. The auction currently has 49 bidders and the bidding just exceeded $1,000 with less than 24-hours to go.


Now here’s the problem folks. Owning a domain name like this could get you into more trouble than it’s worth. Since Michelle Obama is inarguably a public figure it’s going to be hard to justify why you should have this name rather than her.

Given that the Obama campaign does own and operate something tells me they aren’t going to be too happy when someone emails them trying to sell for some ridiculous price. This is one area of domain world that I stay far away from – I just don’t want to make money holding someone else’s name for ransom.

So here’s the question, what happens next? Will the auction go through or will Go Daddy pull the plug before the first lady’s name ends-up selling for $2,000 to some guy in Idaho?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton