Breaking: It’s Official – DOMAINfest Attendance Exceeds 2013 Show

DOMAINfest 2014

With DOMAINfest just around the corner I’ve had a lot of people email (and text) me asking what the attendance numbers are looking like for the show. So I am happy to announce (with permission from DF organizers) that this year’s DOMAINfest will have more attendees than last year.

So how many people is that?

Well last year DNJournal announced that attendance for the show was right around 500 people so that means there will be more than 500 attendees this year. It’s no secret that this year’s show is going to be one for the record books and with people from all over the world converging on LA the buzz is literally growing by the hour.

Now that you know the attendance the only question to ask yourself is, will you be there?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton