Breaking: DomainNameSales + Igloo To Broker


Two of the biggest heavy-hitters in the domain world, DomainNameSales and Igloo, have teamed-up to broker one of the biggest domains on the planet – In case you missed the memo Fashion is one of the biggest industries in the world and it’s growing faster than ever before. Category-defining one-word .COMs are nothing new to Igloo or DomainNameSales who both have had an incredible year selling some of the most sought-after domains on the planet.

In September Igloo co-brokered for a whopping $4.7M and taking the cake as the top domain sale so far in 2013. With a domain like the sky really is the limit given that Fashion is a 4 trillion dollar industry. Yes, that’s trillion with a T and no there aren’t many other industries that come close to this size.


In a recent press release Igloo and Domain NameSales said:

“ offers the new owner a clean slate to create something fresh and completely innovative for this growing market.  Descriptive, category owning domain names have historically been the most valuable properties on the Internet, clearly demonstrating the potential value of the domain name. “

There is no doubt this domain will sell with two of the best companies in the domain world tending to the deal. The question is, what company will buy this domain that undoubtedly will transform their business forever. There’s only one and something tells me it’s only going to be for sale once.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton