Boxcar Growing Fast – Time For Me To Jump-In! came-out of nowhere and within a very short period of time has generated a nice amount of buzz around the latest auction platform to hit the Domaining world. The domain auction space has become very segmented with many small players and several larger players entering the mix. – my all-time favorite auction platform closed this year and left a big gap in the market. Auctionpus came-out of the gate swinging and has done a great job of promoting their service and I’ll have to give it a try soon as well!


Lately I’ve found most of my domain sales success through directly contacting buyers (I’m busy building-up a big database of buyers) as well as through my own newsletter. I had some great initial success with but lately haven’t had any bites.

When I heard about the Boxcar launch I dug-in a bit deeper and was pretty impressed with what I saw. If you take a look at their about page you’ll see this isn’t some fly-by-night operation, these are real deal Domainers running this platform. Here’s a short except from the about page:

Boxcar is the brainchild of, a highly recognized group of domainers with years of experience designing, developing, promoting and executing live domain auctions – resulting in over $5m in public sales. DC, as a collective, has roughly over $40m under its belt in sales and acquisitions amongst its membership – which includes some of the most respected industry pioneers.

So I decided yesterday it was time to find-out what this service is all about and of course report back my findings to all of you! When I first started my blog I was doing this a lot – trying new services and strategies and sharing my feedback. It’s always been one of my favorite parts about running a blot as I always hope my experiences can help others either avoid mistakes, or find success a bit quicker.

If you’ve used the system before and want to share some of your initial impressions please do! Either way stay-tuned as I’ll be sharing my experience and hopefully sales with all of you!

This is not a sponsored post – I am actually interested in trying Boxcar and think they’ve done a GREAT job getting the word out to the Domaining community. I’ve had several emails asking me for my thoughts on the service so thought it was time to get my hands dirty and put some domains on there myself!
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton