Boom! Media Options brokers the sale of back to its original owner – Elon Musk logo

It’s not ever day that a one letter .COM sells period, and it’s almost never that the previous owner is the buyer (in fact this might be the first time it has happened). Couple this with the fact that that original owner is Elon Musk and it’s fair to say the sale of which was announced today is pretty big news no matter how you slice it.

I first read the news on my friend Elliot’s blog, and in the comment section Andrew Rosner, founder of Media Options announced that he was the broker behind the deal.

I don’t believe this was supposed to be announced yet, not sure PayPal had permission to announce it.
We, MediaOptions, brokered the sale!
No comment on price so don’t ask. is in my opinion the single most valuable domain on the web. This sale proved that. For me it’s a very proud moment and the highlight of my entire domain career. Probably always will be the highlight for many reasons.
Congrats to PayPal and Elon. Americas greatest entrepreneur now has his domain back! (Source –

While you might be thinking that will be the domain behind Elon Musk’s next venture, but in this case it looks like the domain just has a lot of sentimental value to him and he wanted to get it back.

I think this is about as good an example of a win-win as I’ve seen before. Huge congrats to Andrew and Media Options for brokering the deal and congrats to Elon for getting the domain back, not a bad day in the domain name world.

Also, a little fun fact – the logo from above is from a previous use when the site was home to an elite international organization tasked with countering alien invasions of earth. Since the original game there have been a number of remakes, if you want to play it yourself, here’s one of the latest versions available for $4.99 on Steam:


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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton