Bold Metrics & Morph3D featured on NPR Marketplace Today


Today was an exciting day for us, last week we did an interview with NPR which went live today. For those who followed the action last week, you know that we announced a partnership with Morph3D to showcase what I think we’ll all look back on years from now as the future of commerce. Imagine a world without screens, yes, those screens on your laptop, on your smartphone, on your flat “screen” TV they are all going away. Don’t worry, it isn’t going to happen overnight but it’s going to happen.


While most people are familiar with VR headsets from companies like Oculus, HTC and Playstation, augmented reality is still a very new technology. Yes, you might think of games like Pokemon Go as augmented reality, which they are, but they still rely on the normal screens we use today. Imagine looking through glasses and having images appearing as holograms. It might sound crazy now but so did the telephone when it first came out, and the TV, the car, new technologies always seem far off until everyone has one.


Last week we announced our partnership with Morph3D and our technology can now power the creation of true-to-life human avatars. For those who don’t know what we do at Bold Metrics, our technology has become the gold standard for predicting the human body. Think super fast AI algorithms that can predict over 90 body measurements after getting only a few simple inputs from a user, none of which require a measuring tape.

Want to learn more? Okay – enough reading, feel free to listen to NPR Marketplace and if you fast forward to 21 minutes you might recognize the voice. Exciting times and I can’t wait to watch the future of commerce unfold, just like your computer has Intel Inside…soon your commerce experiences will have Bold Metrics inside 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton