– The Future of Domain Auctions

Online auctions – pioneered by eBay, changed the way that people buy and sell goods online. In the domain world, auctions take place across a number of different sites from listing services like Sedo and Snapnames, to forums like DNForum and NamePros. All of these auction services share one common attribute – your domain is a needle and a *very* large haystack.

Enter with a completely new approach to online auctions. What is not often brought-up is the fundamental strategy change that Bido introduces to the auction world. By offering one domain a day for auction they are changing the rules of online commerce and focusing on a single product (or domain name in this case). Think of what it’s like selling a car, or a television online; what if your car was the *only* car for sale on a website one day? You would probably sell your car – with all the focus on you the chances you’d find an interested buyer go up astronomically. also offers a few great additions to their service that make it by far the best venue online to sell your domain names. First, Bido offers a "Scorecard" that can show you all the pertinent information you need when trying to understand the traffic, backlinks, directory listings and more. introduced a great feature that allows Experts to comment on the domains and give their opinion of it’s value. This means that before making a purchase decision you can see what domain experts think about the potential of the domain which will help you set a reasonable price expectation for yourself.

Withe the Scorecard and Expert comments gives you all the tools you need to make an informed purchase decision. As a seller the key benefit is simple, 24-hours for your domain to be in the spotlight, for all the domaining world to see. Seamless integration with means you can manage your entire domain portfolio and easily select domains to put-up for auction on Bido.

Looking at a service like is also very relevant to Domain Flipping. From both the buying and selling side Bido offers a valuable service to Flippers as well as traditional domain investors. If you successfully flip a domain and now have a high-quality website on the domain, consistent monthly revenue the Scorecard will show-off these features to a potential buyer. If the Experts like your domain this promotion greatly increases the chance your domain will sell for a good price.

I’ve been a big fan (and user) of DNZoom since the beginning and can see that will be a game-changer in a world of commerce that until now has gotten a bit stale. A traditional Listing Service can easily become too large making it almost impossible to get potential buyers to look at your domains. Forums will oftentimes yield sales, but only at rock-bottom prices most of the time. There has been a pause in the innovation of how we buy and sell things online. offers a new way of approaching domain auctions that will change the domaining world forever and might just change the e-commerce as we know it!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton