Beverly Hills Domainer MeetUp Recap & New Improvements Announced!

Last night about fifteen Domainers got-together at a swanky Indian restaurant in Beverly Hills to talk Domains. While the turn-out was less than at most of our previous Meet Ups it was an excellent group and the smaller size made it easy for everyone to talk with each other! Of course we’d love to have as many people as possible at our Meet Ups but at the end of the day as long as everyone there has a great time, makes some good connections, and gets to share their thoughts and ideas – then the Meet Up is a success!

Jason will have pictures up soon from his new Uber-Camera that got before the last meet up. You can always find pictures from our Meet Up at our main site –

At this Meet Up we also announced a few changes that are coming to the structure of the Meet Up. While there is no doubt that the Meet Ups have been a success, we are always looking for ways to improve. Also – since there really is no standard format for running a Domainer Meet Up – Jason and I are doing our best to learn from each Meet Up and use this information to make the following Meet Ups even better!

So what changes are being made? We are adding some structure to the Meet Ups in the form of Committees. The idea is simple – let people who share similar interests get together at the Meet Up and discuss their experiences, give tips, or ask for advice. At the beginning of each meeting we will have each committee give a five-minute update with some information about their subject-area that may be of interest to the entire group.

Here’s an example. Suppose we have a committee about Buying Aftermarket Domains – in the beginning of a meeting one of the committee members might get-up and share with the group a new drop-catching service they have been using, or a trick for finding expired domains with traffic.

The great thing is – as Domainers we are usually interested in many different parts of the business so this is a great way to allow everyone to share with the group so we can all learn from each other! We are still coming-up with exactly which committees we will be offering and polls will be going-out to the group to pick our first 3-5 committees.

Another change to the structure of the group is the addition of a Guest Speaker at every Meet Up. We’ve already tested this concept-out at the Laguna Beach Meet Up where Michael Castello spoke to the group and we got a LOT of very positive feedback – so we’re making it a regular part of the Meet Up!

This means that at the beginning of the Meet Up we’ll have some structure learning both from the Committees reporting on their specific areas of expertise and from our Guest Speaker. We expect this initial section to take around 30 minutes which should be just enough time to share some interesting information without boring anyone – or so we hope!

After this we’ll be having our round-robin where everyone in the group gets a few minutes to meet everyone else. This will take about 30 minutes which means the first hour of the group will be structured and then everything after that will be networking and sharing a drink with fellow Domainers. To summarize here is our idea for the new format of the Southern California Domainer Meet Up:

  • Committee reports (15-20 mins)
  • Guest Speaker (15 mins)
  • Round-Robin (30 mins)
  • Free-form networking, drinks, dinner, etc.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the new format. Even if you’re not in the group we’d still like to hear your opinion. Jason and I absolutely loving running this group and will continue to do everything we can to make it all that it can be!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton