Automate Your Website Security With Sucuri

Last week a good friend of mine recommended a new online tool called Sucuri which scans your site for malware and other potential security breaches. Of course there are plenty of software platforms that provide a service like this, but Sucuri goes a step further and actually fixs your site, typically within 4 hours of notification.

While the site scanning and malware detection is automated, fixing your site is done by a real person, and there’s no additional fee for it. As a pretty serious WordPress user I was also happy to see a Sucuri WordPress Plugin that sends sucuri all the info it needs to keep your WordPress sites safe and secure as well.

Sucuri Site

I signed-up for the “Power Plan” which is $189.99/year and provides protection for up to five websites. It took about two minutes to setup and get going. The really cool thing about this tool is that they have a lot of ways to notify you if your site has been compromised including Twitter.

When it comes to WordPress, many of the security breaches involve someone injecting spam links into your site. The problem is you might not notice this for weeks or months, and sadly, these spam links can get you de-listed from Google. If you’re running the Sucuri WordPress Plugin then this could be detected instantly so you never have to worry about spam links again. However, let’s suppose you forgot to install the plugin and your site was compromised and de-listed from Google. Don’t worry, Sucuri will not only fix your site and remove all the malicious code, they will also re-submit your site to Google and get you indexed again.

Sucuri Monitoring

I have been using Sucuri for about a week now and have to say it really does give you peace of mind. I know that if one of my sites is compromised, I’ll know about it right-away, and have it fixed within four hours. So if you’re ready to put your website security on autopilot I recommend you give Sucuri a shot. The cost of having one of your top sites de-indexed is probably a whole lot more than $189/year so it really does pay for itself, and then some!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton