Are You A Grumpy Domainer?

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From time-to-time I encounter what I like to call a Grumpy Domainer. A Grumpy Domainer is someone who has had a bad experience with a particular company or part of the Domaining world and uses this experience to generalize about the industry. Here’s an example – suppose you hand-register 100 domain names assuming you’ll sell them and become rich. You quickly find-out that selling Domains isn’t as easy as it seems, drop everything and decide that Domaining is a waste of money. Here’s another example – you get inspired by development and build-out five of your domains – after one month they aren’t making any money so you throw in the towel and assume there’s no money to be made in monetization.

What’s wrong with both of these scenarios? A potential Domainer was turned to the dark side (i.e. became a Grumpy Domainer) because they quit. They expected Domaining to be a great way to get rich quickly…and they were wrong. Now let’s look at a lot of Happy Domainers out there – leaders in our industry like Rick Latona and Sahar – they work hard, come-up with great ideas, and when they fail, they pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and come-up with the next great idea! Rather than expecting instant results they know that it takes time and hard-work to make money in this industry.

Now let’s talk about our friend the Grumpy Domainer again. Grumpy wants to see quick returns, Grumpy wants to flip domains they buy for $1,000 for $10,000 or more with little or no work, Grumpy just wants to put in a few hours a week and get passive income for life.

So what’s the big differences between the Happy and Successful Domainer and the Grumpy UnSuccessful Domainer?

The Happy and Successful Domainer works hard, knows that every idea won’t work-out, but never gives-up and through it has made good money and developed a solid business. The Grumpy Domainer never sticks around long enough to find-out if they would be successful in the industry – if it doesn’t work right-away they give-up. The Grumpy Domainer could tell you stories of all the stupid business ideas they worked with and how none of them make any money.

Okay – at this point you’re probably saying, “Morgan – what is the point of all this?”

The point is this.

Take a step-back and ask yourself, “Am I a Grumpy Domainer or a Happy Domainer?”

Attitude is 99% of it folks and if you can’t put in the blood, sweat, and tears the rest of us do to make money in this industry then you’re going to be a Grumpy Domainer forever! There is still more than half of 2010 left – what are you going to do to make this your best year ever?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton