Affiliate Summit West 2012 – Day Two

The conference is buzzing with energy on the second day of Affiliate Summit as the main exhibit hall kicks into action. The great thing about having Meet Market on the first day is that many affiliates already know who they want to talk to so they can spend more one-on-one time learning about which programs are the best fit for their business.


With over 5,000 attendees the entire conference center is jam-packed and everywhere you look, deals are being made and new relationships are being forged.

This is also a great time for affiliates to network with some of the affiliate programs they are already a member of and find ways to optimize their current campaigns. I’m a member of around twenty different affiliate programs so this is a lot of fun for me to reconnect with my affiliate managers and talk about plans for this year.


I discovered some great new affiliate programs that I haven’t worked with before at the Meet Market yesterday. Today I’m also meeting with these companies, showing them the specific sites I’m looking for affiliate programs for and planning my ad strategy for the year.


Every year I leave Affiliate Summit with all my ads and offers for the year ready to go. This year I’ve found some really exciting affiliate programs that will really help some of the brands we’re launching this year and expand our options for many of our existing brands.

Note: Sorry this post is coming-out so late in the day, unfortunately the WiFi was overloaded at the show which meant I spent a day without Internet access! Don’t worry though, I took a ton of notes in Word and will be posting some really great content over the next few days, stay-tuned, there’s more to come!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton