Adrift In Macau

On Wednesday I decided it was about time I make adventure into Macau. This is my fourth time in Hong Kong and I haven’t been yet so I thought it was about time. Since I love Las Vegas I was excited to see the Vegas of Asia!

Getting to Macau from Hong Kong couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is take a Ferry which takes just about one hour and – poof – you’re in Macau!

Since this was my first time to Macau I wanted to make the experience the best it could be so booked first-class Ferry tickets. I arrived at around 8:30AM and by 9:00AM I was on the Ferry heading towards the mainland!

Since I’m a pretty good travel sleeper I quickly fell asleep only to be awakened to the sound of what I thought was the ferry sinking. There was a loud – boom – and then the Ferry stopped, then there was a grinding sound. Everyone else sitting around me was looking around worried – since they probably take the ferry all the time I thought – great – time to put-on my life jacket!

Luckily we weren’t sinking, an announcement came-over the PA system that a boat was blocking the channel that allowed us to enter Macau. So it took about half an hour longer but we made it to Macau safe and sound!

My first stop in Macau was the Venetian hotel which is a mirror image of the Venetian in Las Vegas with one major difference – the focus was on one game and one game only – Baccarat. In Asia Baccarat is the king of all games…and it just happens to be a game I don’t know at all!

Luckily I found a craps table and began playing my favorite game only to lose about 500 Hong Kong dollars in about ten minutes. Don’t worry though – this is only about $60 US 🙂

After the Venetian I made my way over to a casino called the City of Dreams which is also connected to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. I did a bit of gambling also losing miserably and then decided to try something called “The Bubble” – apparently a 4D experience. It actually was very cool and if you want to see what it was like just look at my Twitter post from yesterday as I included a video from inside the bubble!

Now the Venetian, City of Dreams, and Hard Rock are in a separate part of Macau called the Cotai strip. There are only three casinos on the strip now but many more are in development. I don’t have time to post pictures now as I’m just about to board my flight back to LA but I’ll post plenty of pictures and videos over the coming weeks.

After the Cotai strip I made my way to the main Macau Casino area where the Sands, Wynn, and MGM Grand take the cake. It was there that I also made my fortunes playing craps. The Wynn just seems to be lucky for me – I’ve always done well there in Vegas and I just about doubled my money playing there in Macau!

I’ll elaborate more on my impressions of Macau but right now my flight is about to start boarding and I’m sitting at the Cathay Pacific Lounge writing a blog post! While you are reading this there is a good chance I’ll be 30,000 feet up making my way back to Los Angeles.

I have a lot of great thoughts, ideas, and inspirations from my trip and I look forward to sharing them with all of you once I get back to Los Angeles.

Oh – I almost forgot…can anyone name which movie the song “Adrift in Macau” is from? I’ll give a special prize to the first person who comments with the right answer! For some reason the song was stuck in my head the whole time I was there!

Okay – now I really have to go – no time to check for spelling error so I’ll apologize in advance if this posts reads like it was written by someone who ate paint chips as a child 🙂 Los Angeles here I come!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton