Raises Another $20 Million

TechCrunch broke the news that Clearspring Technologies, which runs the wildly popular has just secured another $20 million in funding. While many people haven’t heard of Clearspring or – there is a good chance you’ve used this when retweeting a blog post or sharing some content with your buddies on Facebook.


This is just another example of a Social Media-related Start-up getting big bucks from venture capital. It seems like the Social Media space is almost unstoppable when it comes to raising money and this brings’s total capital raised up to $58 million. The company was started just three years ago and is currently adding 4-5 employees/month.

Of course when your software is integrated into over 9 million websites it’s easy to see how big growth can be achieved. The company expects to triple it’s revenue this year and with another $20 million I wouldn’t be surprised if they do!

As a Domainer it’s always great to see a domain name put to good use rather than sitting parked collecting dust. Congratulations to Clearspring and here’s to yet another successful Social Media start-up using a short, memorable domain.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton