A Sad Day For The World In So Many Ways

This morning I wake up with the same sickening feeling I had all day yesterday, a feeling I haven’t felt since September 11th. Yesterday innocent people were killed including an 8 year old child and over ten people had to have their limbs amputated. All of this happened at a marathon, a public event that is not meant to stand for any cause but instead seeks to unify the world. You can see flags from countries around the world in the foreground as bombs go off behind them.

I cried several times yesterday. At first I cried because I find any act of senseless violence inflicted on 100+ innocent people to be so terrible I don’t know what else to do. Next I cried for the parents of the 8 year-old child who will never see their son again because they decided to take him to a public marathon. I think the last time I cried was for the world because in some ways it felt so much like it did after September 11th, a feeling like we are so truly lost.

As we all know, this was not an event that just impacts the US, this is an event that impacts the world and inflicted terrible damage to people all over the world. The silver lining here (if it is possible to find one) is to see, once again, everyone come together to help each other. When something like this happens we are not all different countries, races, religions, or political parties, we are all humans and so many people came together yesterday to help each other, that was a beautiful thing in the face of such a horrific event.

Yesterday was also the first day that I was honestly ashamed to be even associated with the term Domainer as horrible cybersquatters immediately went crazy registering domains around the tragedy. While maybe 1% of these domains will be used for good, 99% will be parked to make an extra $5, $10, or $20. I announced on Facebook that I would out these people publicly but I’ve decided it’s better to let karma take its course and get out of the way. I will tell you that the people who registered these names for a profit are people I will never do business with ever in my entire life and I know who all of them are. The Domains was the first to break the news about this and Ron Jackson did a great piece about this on DNJournal, in his post he said:

“Though domain professionals have nothing in common with such people, they are often tarred with the same brush these miscreants are deservedly tarred with – a situation that rightfully raised Michael’s ire. As a result we need to do everything we can to combat this kind of abhorrent behavior.”

I agree with Ron 100% and while I am not going to out these people on my blog, I urge you to look over the list on Michael’s blog and learn who these people are that are trying to profit from such a horrible tragedy.

This is a sad day for so many people but as I said above, we are united as humans. I know parents all around the world were hugging their children a little tighter last night and trying to explain to them how something like this can happen. It is a sad day for the world and my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families, going to a marathon represented by countries all over the world should not end in tragedy.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton