A reader pointed out that I was wrong about Ripple getting added to CoinBase in 2018


So earlier this week I wrote a post about Ripple, a cryptocurrency that I’m a fan of and investor in (small time), and how CoinBase had confirmed they were adding it to their platform. I was convinced that CoinBase was adding the cryptocurrency after reading this blog post, which I found out, thanks to  one of my blog readers, Jin turned out to be fake.


After reading this comment I looked into it, and Jin is right. The blog post that I thought came from Ripple actually came from RippleXRP.blog which is not the officially blog of Ripple XRP. The funny thing about it is that a new gTLD fooled me in this case. When I saw RippleXRP.blog, linked to from a Twitter post, I thought it was the Ripple blog.

At any rate, I was wrong, and it looks like CoinBase has not confirmed that they will start to offer Ripple on their platform. That being said, I wouldn’t be too surprised if CoinBase does decide to add Ripple since as of today they are the #3 cryptocurrency and CoinBase already carries Bitcoin Cash (#4) and Litecoin (#5).


So yes, I fell for some serious fake news, and it doesn’t look like CoinBase has announced anything about adding Ripple to their platform (that I have found at least). But look at the top five list above and tell me CoinBase isn’t going to add Ripple in 2018 and I’ll call bullshit 😉

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton