A handful of things I’ve learned about Chinese Domaining lately

I wrote about a new WhatsApp Group about Chinese Domaining earlier this week and since then I’ve had a chance to learned a few things that I didn’t know before. Just to be clear, I didn’t know that much before since this is an area that is as new to me as it likely is to you. That being said, if you know a lot about Chinese Domaining you’ll probably want to skip this post since by the end you’ll be like, “Really? Morgan didn’t even know those simply things, what a newbie!”

Okay, and with that, here’s three things I didn’t know last week that I now know this week about Chinese Domaining.

  1. Chinese Domainers treat domains like stocks and use a site called Chaomi.cc to check the daily prices and changes in domain values. While I knew Chinese Domainers treated domain names like stocks, I actually didn’t know that there was a standard site everyone used to essentially agree upon a price to buy and sell at. At the top you’ll see “Four Consonants” or a 4L domain name without vowels holding the highest value by a pretty wide margin.
  2. In the US we use the term “CHIPS” to mean Chinese Premium domains, or domains without vowels, this is not a term that is actually used in China or by Chinese domain investors.
  3. The Chinese Domain investment trend or focus on trading domains like stocks really isn’t just in China, there are plenty of Domainers in India that invest in the same way and some of the people who run the Chinese Domaining WhatsApp group are based in India.
  4. Paying for domains can be a huge barrier to buying and selling with Chinese Domainers, bitcoin has made this a lot easier and seems to be the growing currency of choice.
  5. Chaomi means “friend rice” in Chinese

Okay, that’s a handful of things that I learned, feel free to drop any additional knowledge you have about Chinese Domaining, nothing is better than learning together IMO.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton