A Day At The Beach


As most of you know Daina and I are getting married this coming Saturday. We not big into stress, or planning so we hired an amazing wedding planner who is making it all happen! We rented a beautiful house in Malibu that we’re hanging out at all week making the week before our wedding probably the most relaxing week so far this year.

Today we spent a lot of time on the beach relaxing, driving the golf cart around Malibu (our house came with one) and just sitting around the house enjoying time together. Below is a photo of me and Luke (Daina’s Brother) having a bit too much fun on the beach 🙂

Tomorrow I will be writing a full post about the evolution of Linton Investments into a mid six-figure business, the creation of Fashion Metric, a company that Daina and I will be devoting our lives to for quite some time to come, and my departure from Sonos, an amazing company that has changed my life and taught me many of the things I know today.

But I’m keeping this post short and sweet because we’ve got a house full of people, and it’s time to hit the hot tub. Until tomorrow!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton