5 Ways to Improve Your Domain Investments

I get a lot of emails from new Domainers looking for ways to improve their domain investments. While there are hundreds of techniques to do this – I thought I’d post my top five that have worked for me and my company in growing our domain revenue. Remember, at the end of the day your domains should get traffic organically from search engines. If you are paying for traffic then you aren’t really growing a passive income stream and what makes an investment an investments is something that grows on its own.

1) Stop Parking your Domains
This is the #1 way we have improved our revenue across our portfolio. Parking can be one of the worst ways to monetize your domain names. Even putting a one-page mini-site up with 500 words of SEO-optimized text will rank better on Google than a parked page and the revenue from Google Adsense is oftentimes 10x that of parking! Using a solution like WhyPark is a great way to get a real website with content on your domain quickly.

2) Use Blogs for Rapid Development
Using a blogging platform like WordPress can be an excellent way to build a nice-looking site on your domain that is easy to update and add features to. Even updating the content on your site once a month is better than just putting-up a static page and never updating it.

3) Let your bad names drop!
This is one of the hardest things for new Domainers to do but you absolutely have to do this! Go through your portfolio and really determine which names are good investments. You can use tools like the DNJournal Sales Lists, NameBio, and Estibot to get a rough idea of what your domain is worth. If you are paying thousands of dollars in renewal fees every year for domains that aren’t even worth the reg fee then you may be losing money rather than making money!

4) Keyword Research
Take the time to use a tool like the Google Adwords Keyword tool or WordTracker to identify the best keywords to use on each of your domains. If you use popular keywords that people are actively searching for you can build-up organic search traffic to your domains.

5) Interactivity
Making your domains interactive by allowing users to either add content or communicate with each other is a great way to create repeat traffic on your domains. Most parking pages get a visitor only once and then they never return. Give users a reason to return to your domain by making it interactive.

I could have written hundreds of bullet points here but wanted to give five essential ways to improve your domain investments. Feel free to comment and share your own top five list!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton