5 Ways to Breathe Life Into Your Domain Investments

Lately I’ve emphasized the importance of focusing on the best 3-5 domains in your portfolio. With domain names it can be all too easy to become overwhelmed with too many projects.

However – there is a caveat here that I thought it would be important to bring-up. By focusing on your best domains I don’t mean you should forget about all the rest!

I’ve compiled a list of five ways to breathe life into your domain investments so that all your domains get at least a little love!

1) Don’t use your hosting service’s parking (like the GoDaddy parking pages)  – use a service like WhyPark to actually get content on your domains.

2) Make sure all your domains are listed in Google and Yahoo.

3) Use a service like EZineArticles.com to write articles with links to some of your domains. Don’t go overboard – you can get-away with a few articles to get started.

4) Tweet about your domains periodically and let people know they are for sale.

5) Create a domain portfolio site/page with a list of all the domains you have for sale. This link alone gives at least one backlink to the other domains in your portfolio!

Don’t just use one of these techniques – use a few. That way one or two years from now you won’t be waiting to get your other domains on the radar. They might not turn-into super-stars but they’ll be easier to build-up by just using a few of the tips above.

Remember – a majority of your focus should be on your best 3-5 domains. Decide which of your top five you’d like to monetize or sell and make it your mission to reach your goals!

As with any business – FOCUS is the key!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton