5 Must-read Articles for SaaS Startup Founders

As the co-founder of a SaaS startup I read just about anything I can get my hands on that has to do with SaaS. Blogs like SaaStr have become a part of my daily routine and I am slowly but surely building up a list of articles that have given me a certain nugget of information or changed the way I think about a specific situation.


There’s a lot of content out there but I thought to myself – what do I wish I had read before we started a SaaS company?The answer is – I wish I read these five articles, so if you haven’t yet, enjoy!

  1. Top 10 Mistakes Getting To The First $20M in ARR – if you read/watch one thing about building a SaaS startup online, this is it. Jason Lemkin, publisher of SaaStr and successful SaaS founder shares ten mistakes that he made getting to $20M in ARR, every single one is valuable to know so you can be aware and avoid it. Of course don’t feel bad though if you’ve already made a few of those mistakes already…because you probably have.
  2. A SaaS Startup’s Journey to $100,000 a Month – I absolutely love this article – a seasoned founder telling you his story growing to an $100k MRR SaaS business. Need I say more? Chances are you aren’t even reading this because you just clicked the link and are reading the article.
  3. The Road to SaaS Revenue is Painfully Slow. Are You Prepared for It? – yes, SaaS is a whole different world especially in the enterprise space. Are you ready to live in a world where deals could take 6-9 months to close?
  4. How we built a SaaS business and got our first paying customer in 60 days – the title says it all, and tell me you aren’t dying to read this? A few really good nuggets in this article.
  5. Where to start if you’re lost selling a SaaS product – I’m not a huge fan of infographics but if there’s one SaaS infographic you look at this should be it. Building a great SaaS product is one thing, selling it is another and if you can’t sell your product, it doesn’t matter how great it is.
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton