3 simple things you can do to get more inbound offers on your domain names

Over the years I have done a lot of testing to optimize the number of inbound offers I get on my domains. I’ll be the first to tell you that I definitely haven’t mastered it yet, I’m learning more every day, but I can tell you what has worked for me so far. Like most things in life (and especially in Domaining) I learned these by trying lots of things that didn’t work.

Now before I go any further it’s important to point out that if your domain name is junk, you can optimize all you want and you’re likely not going to get any offers. Sorry but BingoLingo123xx0.com isn’t going to catch anyone’s attention no matter how many different techniques you try. Also, remember, the vast majority of inbound offers are going to turn into nothing, this is also why you’d want to do everything possible to increase the volume of offers you’re getting.

All that being said, below are three simple (and free) things you can do to get more offers on your domain names.

1. Use a “For Sale” landing page

Use a service like Afternic or Domain Names Sales where you can easily get a landing page up on your domain that clearly indicates it is for sale. If you think you can make some money parking, use a parked page with a for sale banner, but whatever you do, make sure if someone comes to your domain name in a web browser, it’s clear to them that it’s for sale.

Sounds simple? It is. However I’m amazed at how many people stick with the generic Go Daddy landing page or a standard parked page that doesn’t make it clear that the domain is for sale. Here’s an example of one of my domains using Domain Names Sales:


2. Don’t use WHOIS Privacy Protection

You would think this would be an obvious one but sometimes its not. I’m guilty of doing this when I got started, especially when a registrar gave privacy protection away for free. Most people don’t know that you can send an email to a privacy protected WHOIS email address and it can make its way to the owner. Don’t make it harder for a potential buyer, put an email address in there that you check and keep it up to date if your email address changes.

3. List your domains on a few Domain Marketplaces

It is completely free to list your domain name on marketplaces like Buy Domains, Uniregistry, Sedo, Afternic, Go Daddy and many more. Don’t get too carried away but if you list your names on 1 – 3 marketplaces you will get more offers. The more marketplaces you list your names on, the more offers you’re likely to get. Just remember what I said above, if you list junk on marketplaces it still won’t get any offers.


Last but not least, I’ll say it once again – it is absolutely critical to remember that most of the inbound offers you get on your domain names will not turn into a sale. If anyone tells you they get a ton of inbound offers and they’re selling like hotcakes they are probably lying to you.

Be prepared to turn down a lot of offers that are way below what you would think of accepting. Just be patient and remember, the more offers you get, the more likely you are to someday get an offer that’s in the range you’re looking for.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton