3 Reasons You Should Use Google Webmaster Tools

There are a number of tools that I use to better understand and improve my SEO. No tool has been more effective for me over the years than Google Webmaster Tools. Still I’m surprised by how few Domainers I speak with use this tools themselves or have even heard of the tool.

First let me define my audience here – Google Webmaster Tools is useful for anyone developing/monetizing domains – if you’re just buying and selling you can skip this post.

Google Webmaster Tools helps you see exactly how Google is indexing your site as well as which keywords you rank well for and a host of other great features. In the future I plan on doing a video walk-through of the service but to start I thought a top-three list would help get people started that aren’t yet using the tool.

So without further ado here are three reasons that you should be using Google Webmaster Tools:

  1. You can see exactly what page/position your site appears on for all the search terms it is ranking for. I can’t tell you the number of Domainers that tell me they sit on Google typing different keyword phrases and then searching through page after page to see where they show-up. With Google Webmaster Tools you can see this information in front of you all on one screen. This is definitely the most useful and time-saving feature that I use myself daily.
  2. Find and fix crawl errors. If Google has trouble crawling your site you may never know – which means you may never get to the first page of Google. Google Webmaster Tools shows you any crawl errors Google encountered when indexing your site so you can be aware and fix them right-away.
  3. Geo-Targeting. Want your .me domain to give preference to Google US rather than Google Montenegro? You’ll need Google Webmaster Tools to do this – in fact you can have any TLD, a .mx, a .de, etc. target Google US just like a .com, .net, and .org.
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton