3 Days of Domain Flipping

To end April with a Bang I thought I’d debut some of my latest flips. These were all done by TechReform with some of my newest domain acquisitions. Like I’ve said in a number of previous posts – rather than doing the work yourself you can contract it out and save something very valuable – your time.

I’m in Florida right now, sitting by the swimming pool drinking beer. In the meantime a developer in the Ukraine is working on one of my latest flips, MazatlanMexico.info (not up yet so no need to look). While I sit at the pool my other flips are getting traffic, clicks, linkbacks, and most importantly, generating revenue.

So for the next three days to end April with a Bang I’ll reveal a flip a day. So here is the first flip to kick-off the three-day marathon:


Enjoy and stay tuned for another flip tomorrow!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton